Wall tiles, the name suggests are tiles made for the walls. In recent times this has become a very popular choice amongst developers and designers as it opens up a new and refreshing horizon in their design language. 

Let’s find out what are the different uses of wall tiles – where you can use them and for what.

This is one of the most classic uses of wall tile. Since glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles are waterproof, they’re a popular option for any area that’s going to see a lot of moisture.

Why just stick to tiling the shower when you could upgrade the whole bathroom? Since so many waterproof options are also stylish, you can add some patterns or colours to avoid a bland, white bathroom

(backsplash is the panel behind a sink or cooker that protects the wall from splashes from washing, cooking, cleaning, etc)
Tile is the most popular solution for protecting walls from the hazards of cooking and cleaning. Most backsplashes come as tile sheets to simplify installation.

The entire kitchen can benefit from wall tiles, not just the backsplash! You can enjoy the style and durability of tile in one of the busiest rooms of the home.

The semi outdoor spaces need materials with great durability, cleanability and aesthetics. Wall tiling can transform these compact spaces and give it lot of attitude and style while ensuring hygiene and comfort. After all it’s where you and the world outside make visual contact. 

Accent wall: 
Tile is versatile enough to work in any room of the home. Whether you want to spice up your entryway or add a touch of personality in the living room, you can get it done with a tastefully tiled accent wall

Wall tiles possess the capabilities to make your space look fun, exciting and fresh. With a host of options on offer this product should definitely be on every homeowner’s radar. It’s all about getting creative, expressing yourself and making your space truly define you. 

So thank us for the information and advice and explore your own creative ways to use wall tiles to add some excitement to your space.