Looking to redesign your home, but don’t know where to start from? People often overlook their
walls and floors during the redesigning process. The ambience of a house does not solely depend on
the furniture and furnishes alone. Walls and floor finishes play an important role in contributing to
the look.
The Look.
Before you start selecting your all-important flooring you need to know what design reflects your
personal style of your home. It is and should be the most important consideration. You shouldn’t
want to regret having picked a wrong tile. Ever.
Is it a modern global look with geometric forms and straight lines? Or a more ethnic Indian home
oozing with heritage and character? Does some bling and opulence suit you or a Zen minimalistic
After having figured out your style is let’s jump into the factors you need to consider. Don’t worry if
you are not very sure about the look. You’ll figure it out along the way.
The Durability.
How much wear and tear can the floor take? This depends on the foot traffic in your home and how
you treat your floors, but usually a good quality flooring can take a lot of what you throw at it. But
keep in mind that some spaces in your home are more actively used than the others and might want
to be prepared for more action and associated wear & tear.
The Climate.
Remember every floor does not suit every region. There is a reason why homes in cooler climates
use warmer floors and the ones in the warmer regions use floor that feels cooler on your feat. You
certainly wouldn’t want to walk around in a cold room (in winter or in an air conditioned room) with
chilly feat! Different types of flooring also reacts differently to weather, especially when it is open to
the elements.
The Investment.
Accept it. We are always wanting to know is how much is anything going to cost? Is it going to burn a
hole in the wallet or it’s not as bad we imagined it to be. Well, the price range varies depending on
your needs, the design, the material and the quality of the flooring. The good news is, there’s a
solution for every budget.
Every product has its purpose and helps to serve a specific function and elevate your lifestyle in
many ways. That being said we’d like you to look at this as a long term investment and not a spur of
the moment purchase.
The flooring is for eternity and a good quality floor will become the base of your home. We advise
not to cut corners in those regards.